finding the right pet

Finding the right pet

Deciding to bring home a dog or cat is exciting and life changing. To ensure the best start, consider which pet personality quirks are best suited to your family’s lifestyle and home. A good match will satisfy the pet’s needs and benefit the family in countless ways as you and your furry friend form a strong bond. Check out the IAMS™ breed selector and see what breed is best for you and your family!”

puppies and kittens

Adopting responsibly: puppies and kittens

There are many ways to adopt dogs and cats: professional or hobby breeders, animal shelters, newspaper ads, pet shops, pet superstores, friends or neighbors, and increasingly online. New owners often prefer healthy, happy puppies or kittens, but many adult or senior dogs and cat—or animals with special care needs—make wonderful pets. The best pet sellers ensure their dogs and cats are healthy, happy, and comfortable around people. Responsible pet sellers are also careful to ensure that dogs and cats go to responsible owners. A good way to find a reputable breeder is through your local veterinarian.

Choosing the right shelter

Choosing the right shelter or rescue center

Adopting a dog or cat from a rescue center can be extremely rewarding. This is a great place to find neutered, vaccinated, and house-trained dogs and cats who make excellent pets. It’s a win-win: it provides a pet with a secure and loving home, and creates space in the shelter for another animal in need. A good shelter will prepare a newly adopted pet for his or her forever home and take time to spot and work out any behavior issues. Many shelters also take the time to match pets with families to make sure everyone ends up happy. This may include detailed questions, a home visit, and meetings between potential pets and current pets in a welcoming space to make sure everyone gets along. Some shelters offer classes for new owners to help with training. To find good local shelters, check with local animal charities or your vet.